Why Us? 


 Opened in 2001, SG Technology Group was created out of the necessity to have an IT company that understands the needs of their clients, help them grow and help them to help others in need. 


After working as an IT Liaison for Fortune 100 companies for many years, I realized that very few IT companies are customer-centric. They seem to put more into reaching their bottom line than their customer's bottom line. some have you waiting on hold to service you, while others have you waiting for days, sometimes weeks and months, to resolve your IT issues.


We take great care of our clients with quick response and we work hard to alleviate problems quickly. With our remote services, we are able to prevent, monitor and resolve IT issues during off hours so that we are not in the way during the busiest times. 


When I started my company I had to learn the art of doing business in the city that never sleeps and had to learn how important time is to my clients.  


We speak to our customers in plain English, not geek and techie talk, so that they have a clear understanding of what's going on with their systems. 


By studying and knowing our clients business, we are able to create a technology strategy and plan that is tailor made to save our clients time and money.


We have a true passion for our work and a desire to be the best in the industry.